PDC offers a range of Analog-to-Digital Converters featuring up to 16-bit resolution and speeds up to 41 MSPS, which include PDC's proprietary RAD-PAK® shielding. The products with "LP" in their part number, have Latch-up Protection Technology (LPT). This is a PDC designed custom ASIC that is capable of sensing the on-set of latch-up, removing power from the protected device, isolating input/output signals from external circuitry and finally restoring power and normal operation after sufficient time for the effects of the single event to dissipate. RAD-PAK® is a hermetic ceramic package shielding technology that reduces the Total Ionizing Dose (TID) received by the semiconductor components in the package by orders of magnitude from the total ionizing dose environment exterior to the package. This allows us to put commercial semiconductors with only moderate total dose tolerance in the high total dose environments encountered in space.

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