• Power Solutions

    High Reliability Smart Power Distribution/Control & Power Conversion Technology... proven Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) with over 1 million nodes installed on military systems, and power supplies for aerospace & defense with over 180,000 units installed on civil aircraft.

  • Motion Control Solutions

    High Reliability Motor Control & Motion Feedback Solutions... motor controllers, drives & position feedback solutions for the most demanding requirements, with over 50 years of field proven performance in the most critical applications.

  • Space / Rad Hard Solutions

    Space-Qualified & Field Proven Solutions... Compact space qualified SBCs and radiation hardened components, engineered for the extreme environmental requirements of space, while reducing space, weight, and power consumption, along with total cost of ownership – deployed on thousands of missions over 2 decades without any flight failures.

  • Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions... If standard off-the-shelf products do not achieve your desired performance, function or form factor requirements, Power Device Corporation is uniquely positioned and qualified to leverage our vertically integrated capabilities and field proven experience to optimize your application.

PED Charging Solutions

August 2022 – PDC's 280W converter supplies 28V power for USB charging ports for Portable Electronic Devices (PED) to up to 24 seats, with a compact, high output, and cost effective solution that delivers the industry's best power efficiency performance.

Featured Products

High-Speed, SWaP Optimized 3U SpaceVPX Rad Hard SBC

84SD6432 & 84SD12832 2-4 Gbit SDRAM

Three-Phase 115V AC Solid-State Power Distribution...

Resolver-To-Digital Converters For Space (Class K)

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Power Device Corporation (PDC) offers proven smart power control and power conversion solutions that enable land, sea, air, and space vehi...

Motion Control

Power Device Corporation (PDC) is a leader in high reliability motor control and synchro/resolver motion feedback solutions for defense, c...

Space / Rad Hard

Power Device Corporation (PDC) is a leading supplier of space qualified SBCs and radiation hardened components. Utilizing multiple radiati...


Power Device Corporation's (PDC’s) core competencies and unique suite of capabilities for the production of optimized custom sub-system,...

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